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Poker Hack And Trick, poker_logo
The strong point in poker is never to lose your temper, either with those you are playing with or, more particularly, with the cards. There is no sympathy in poker. Always keep cool. If you lose your head you will lose all your chips. ~ William J Florence

Poker is perhaps one of the most popular types of card games and involves more skill than people think. The popularity of this game can be gauged considering the fact that there exists a world series of poker and the world poker tour. The original game of poker involves players betting on the card combinations in their possession – often called the hand. The bets of all the players are collected in a central pot, and the one who holds the hand with the highest value wins. In case a player remains ‘in the hand’ due to the fact that others have folded, is also declared the winner by default.

There are various types of poker games and most of these variants of pokers have also attained considerable popularity. Here are some of the famous poker games that people have played and enjoyed and still continue to do so…

Draw Poker

In this poker game, players are dealt a complete hand, then the cards are hidden and the players strive to improve the hand by replacing the cards. The game is named according to the number of cards drawn, for example if five cards are dealt it is called Five Card Draw.

Stud Poker

This is the poker game in which each player receives a blend of face-up cards and face-down cards in multiple betting rounds. The number of cards can be varied however the seven-card stud and five-card stud are the most popular ones.

Community card poker

These poker variants are also quite popular. In these games each player's incomplete hidden hand is combined with the shared face-up cards. Although there exist various types of variants, the most common and popular ones remain to be Texas hold 'em and Omaha hold 'em.
  • Texas Hold’em: Texas Hold’em is a poker game that is very popular in casinos and poker card rooms across North America and Europe. In the game of Texa Hold’em Poker, each player only starts with two cards and the remaining cards are shared. This variation allows the players the scope to indulge in some strategic analysis as well. It is the simplicity of this game that might be one of the reasons for its immense popularity.
  • Omaha hold 'em : Omaha is similar to Texas hold 'em where every player is dealt four cards and must make his best hand using exactly two of them and using exactly three of the five community cards. Although the original game is called ‘Omaha High’, a different version called ‘Omaha hi-lo’ also exists.
There are two international level poker events. The World Series of Poker is perhaps one of the biggest Poker events. Believe it or not but there exists a world series of poker. This month long event, held annually in Las Vegas is the largest set of poker tournaments in the world. The winner is awarded a bracelet and the highlight of the event remains to be the $10,000 no-limit hold'em with the winner receiving a grand multi-million dollar prize. And then there is another huge poker event called the World Poker Tour. However unlike the world series of Poker, which includes multiple variants of Poker, this event is a collection of Texas hold 'em poker tournaments held internationally.
Poker Hack And Trick
Be it a grand casino in Las Vegas, or your online casino website - you can indulge in a game of poker wherever you want. Although the real fun of playing a poker game lies in the hustle and bustle of jam-packed casinos, there are other places to enjoy poker as well. For people who are not quite familiar with the game, it can be a great idea to play some online poker, or some basic poker at home with friends and family before trying it out in the casino. And yes, don’t forget to practice your poker face!


PC Games Reviews Cheat
Artificial intelligence and superior graphics have taken the following PC games to the next level. Welcome to the world of virtual reality…fasten your belts, here we go...

Civilization II: is an Empire building (turn based) strategy game which has been developed and published by Microprose. The game starts at the Old Stone Age in 4000 B.C. Your tribe begins with a small settler’s unit and has no idea about the surrounding area. No doubt, the game is old and a higher version of the game is out there, but for me, this will be best there ever will be. There are countless maps/modules available which are often accompanied with educational or outright fantasy plots. I would recommend the game to everybody who is into strategy PC games. The game will bring in years of fine entertainment and will serve as a measurement for all similar games.

The Witcher: is an action role playing game set in a world created by best-selling Polish author Andrzei Sapkowski which has been developed and published by CDProjekt. It is an action packed, visually stunning game with a deep and intriguing storyline, which is full of great scenes and contains the feature of consequential impacts based on a player’s decision during the game. The game features the player as a ‘Witcher’, a warrior who has been trained to fight since childhood. The Witcher has to earn his living by killing monsters. The high point of the game is the soundtrack provided by Adam Skorupa and Pawel Blaszczak which represents superior musical support than most movies can claim to.

Portal: has been called one of the most innovative new games. Developed and published by Valve Software, Portal is a single player game which has been designed in a way to change the way players approach, manipulate and summarize the possibilities in any given situation. The player has to solve physical puzzles and challenges by opening portals to maneuver objects and themselves through space, which will compel them to think out of the box. The game also includes fantastic art direction, writing and voice acting. The best part of the game is that people in all age groups can enjoy this game as it requires minimum usage of the mouse and keyboard. One of the most challenging, sweet, compact and self contained, yet short game released this year.

Team Fortress 2 (TF2): is the sequel to the PC game that made multiplayer team warfare a must have. Developed and published by Valve Software, this edition provides a broad range of tactical abilities and personalities that allow vast variety to the players. With the characters possessing a cartoon look and feel, this game sure has been created with a lot of style and panache. The humorous dialogues used are a welcome break from the extremely realistic games available now days. The only real flaw in the game is the documentation that is available as it has very little details about the various intricacies available with each class.

Fury: is an advanced combat, fast paced and diverse game that was developed by Auran and published by Gamecock Media Group. The dynamic cycle of the game allows the user to fight and earn rewards, which in turn allows one to customize their character with richness and depth. Fury takes an aspect of the most MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role playing game) to a whole new level. The whole premise of the game is to kill other players and win back memories and essence. The battles are fast and furious with spells being thrown from every angle. I guess the only drawback with this game is terrible lag issues, which is quite a shame for this game.

Race 07 - The Official WTCC Game: is an exemplary game about real cars and real racing. 300 cars on 32 tracks! Developed by SimBin and published by Viva Media, the game encompasses 9 different racing classes, each with its own distinctive character and a whole bunch of innovative options. I think the feature that makes this game is a must have is the ability to see the game through a helmet camera or the immersive action camera which gives the player a true feeling of driving real cars. Enjoy the game to experience competent stimulation racing like never before!

BioShock: goes beyond the usual to create a living, unique and an unpredictable experience and has been developed by 2K Boston and published by 2K Games. After the player’s plane crashes into water, he discovers Rapture, a city hidden beneath the sea, which was constructed as a idealistic society but now has been ruined by genetically mutated citizens. The aim of the game is to regain control of the city. The game is thrilling, terrifying, moving and compelling at the same time. The characters are so amazingly life like that they force you to get emotionally connected with them. The graphics are fantastic and the art direction is outstanding. The game is bound to stay with you long after you leave it.
Strategy games to racing games to warfare, PC games are available to suit everybody’s fascination and wallets. I hope the above PC game reviews will help you in selecting the right game, which interests you.


Weapons in Mafia Wars Cheats Code
Mafia Wars is an interactive game that you can play on MySpace or Facebook. Knowing about the various Mafia Wars weapons will help you build your clan faster and do better at the game. The objective of the game is to simply build, arm and develop your Mafia clan with as many of your friends as possible.

Your clan's level and reputation grows as you accomplish more tasks and fight other clans. The need for effective Mafia Wars weapons is highlighted here because you will need these weapons to fight other clans and to defend yourself as well. These weapons can be used by your clan through the various chat rooms and forums that the game allows you to use.

Weapons in Mafia Wars
All the weapons mentioned here can either be purchased or looted from various arenas like New York, Cuba, Moscow, Bangkok and other places. The table given below will clearly tell you about the various Mafia Wars weapons.

Weapon Attack Rate Defense Rate City
Baseball bat 1 0 New York
Crowbar 1 1 New York
.22 pistol 2 0 New York
Brass knuckles 2 2 New York
Butterfly knife 2 1 New York
.45 cal pistol 2 2 New York
Grenade 2 3 New York
9 mm semi-automatic 3 2 New York
Machine pistol 3 3 New York
Sawed off shotgun 3 1 New York
.45 revolver 3 2 New York
Tactical shotgun 3 2 New York
Automatic rifle 4 4 New York
Firebomb 4 2 New York
C4 5 2 New York
Semi-automatic shotgun 5 4 New York
Hacksaw 6 3 New York
Tommy gun 12 10 New York
Grenade launcher 14 10 New York
.50 caliber rifle 16 11 New York
Chain gun 16 14 New York
Bonus weapon 20 20 New York
RPG launcher 20 12 New York
Bookie's holdout pistol 24 12 New York
Napalm 25 9 New York
Gadyuka-5 pistol 14 19 Cuba
Lead pipe 14 13 Cuba
Hatchet 16 11 Cuba
RAS-29 17 10 Cuba
Cane knife 18 28 Cuba
Machete 19 17 Cuba
Ru-38 pistol 20 24 Cuba
Gaff hook 20 25 Cuba
.308 sniper rifle 22 8 Cuba
Bazooka 23 11 Cuba
Garza 9 25 10 Cuba
RA-92 29 11 Cuba
M16A1 30 12 Cuba
Para 322 34 14 Cuba
ASC 45 "Conquistador" 36 18 Cuba
Aguila HV .50 sniper rifle 40 16 Cuba
Canonazo 42 22 Cuba
TNT 42 20 Cuba
Avispa machine gun 54 24 Cuba
Cazador assault rifle 60 25 Cuba

This was a Mafia Wars weapons list for the cities of Cuba and New York. There are different ways of obtaining these weapons, and the more members you have in your clan, the better it will be. Given under is a list of Mafia Wars weapons for the cities of Moscow and Bangkok. Knowing some Mafia Wars cheats will also help you in your conquest.

Weapon Attack Rate Defense Rate City
Chinese army knife 9 15 Bangkok
Bo staff 10 18 Bangkok
Bullhook 12 16 Bangkok
Chinese army pistol 14 10 Bangkok
Thai sword 15 11 Bangkok
Chinese army assault rifle 17 12 Bangkok
Jade inlaid pistols 23 15 Bangkok
BRM-38 23 38 Bangkok
Attack cobra 24 20 Bangkok
Cleaver 25 44 Bangkok
Forest scorpion 25 37 Bangkok
Scalding hot tea 26 35 Bangkok
Komodo dragon 34 22 Bangkok
Hung Fa RPG 39 20 Bangkok
Raion assault rifle 41 20 Bangkok
Type-103 machine gun 42 29 Bangkok
Tanto 43 28 Bangkok
Typhoon cleavers 70 112 Bangkok
Harpoon cannon 88 51 Bangkok
Boevoy Nozh 15 18 Moscow
Dubina 18 14 Moscow
RAS-28 SMG 18 20 Moscow
Ballistic knife 20 28 Moscow
Klyk-9 machine pistol 21 43 Moscow
Molotok pistol 22 26 Moscow
RU-7 .45 pistol 25 23 Moscow
RAS-55 25 18 Moscow
Zmeya carbon blade 28 44 Moscow
ZPR pulemut 28 65 Moscow
RAS-15 30 18 Moscow
Taiga combat shotgun 32 20 Moscow
Razoritel grenade launcher 34 15 Moscow
Ru-78 heavy machine gun 36 12 Moscow
Ubijca assault rifle 43 18 Moscow
Boss Karpov's pistol 50 38 Moscow

These were some of the Mafia Wars weapons that you can make use of in the online game over the various social networking websites. Each of these weapons have their pros and cons, and there are different ways of obtaining them. With this knowledge, you can now proceed to establish the supremacy of your Mafia Wars clan.

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Mafia Wars Cheats Codes-Hack

Mafia wars is the latest buzz on Facebook that has become popular worldwide. Hundreds and millions of players are playing mafia wars to earn more money and rule the family. You can recruit new members from your Facebook friends list that will help your mafia grow. Slowly and steadily with the right moves, you will be able to buy properties, make money and even fight. You can continuously earn money, stamina, health and see your mafia grow leaps and bounds. In order to achieve the ultimate power in the game, players are forever searching for mafia wars cheats codes. In this article, we shall see some mafia wars tips that will help you stay ahead in this fun game.

Mafia Wars Cheats Codes

Mafia wars is a game that is created by Zynga. The company has a pretty good system to fill in any loop holes that come up as mafia war codes. So, the day these mafia wars cheats codes are released on the internet, you will find within a day or two they become obsolete. Thus, it is very difficult to get long term mafia wars codes that you can use for a longer time.

Experts however do not give up so easily. They download the Cheat Engine and install Firebug if using Firefox. The Cheat Engine will help the user cheat by changing the variable by inspecting the element in the game. So, either you do this, or you can build up a strong strategy to win the mafia wars. These strategies are not exactly mafia wars codes, but fun to try out.

Mafia Wars Tips

Instead of wasting your time trying to find mafia wars cheats codes if do not have a drop of hacking flowing in your veins, try these mafia wars tips. You will find yourself advance faster and enjoy playing the game even more.

Family Growth
More the family members you have, more stronger is your mob. You need to keep inviting friends and family on Facebook to join your mob. You can invite all your friends to join or link to other players on 'add me' pages on Facebook, or you can reciprocate when players ask you to join their mob family. This will help you in growing your family. This is one important mafia wars tip that will help you advance in the game; grow your mob family.

Defend Your Family
As a mob Boss, you need to make sure each and every member of your family has the defensive tools to defend themselves. You need to make sure each member has the appropriate vehicles, weapons, etc. as and when your wealth grows. The tip here is that when the funds are running low initially, the Boss focuses in accumulation of wealth. This will help in taking care of the family. Once, the wealth grows, the Boss focuses on the defense part by purchasing appropriate weapons.

Growing Your Wealth
OK, so you know you need to earn money, but how do you grow your wealth? The Boss will need to follow the following mafia wars tips that will help them grow their wealth quickly.
  • The Boss needs to purchase low investment cost properties during the initial levels. The best choice is Mafia Mike's Delis, but you can choose from other options depending on your family.
  • As your wealth increases, purchase high end properties. Make sure you purchase as many as possible in one go. After you make a purchase, the price increases for the next purchase.
  • If you are investing in many sophisticated weapons and vehicles, you need to plan out strategies that will cover your expenses and will not hinder your flow of money into the family wealth.
Energy Pack
The energy packs are just as important as money. If you are not going to have any energy, how can you run a mob? You need to receive an energy pack from mafia wars. If you do not get it, you need to ask for an energy pack from your family members. Be sure you return the favor next time someone asks you to help out. The mafia wars tip in this case is using up all your energy before you move on to the advanced level. This helps escalation of your energy stats in the game.

Mafia Jobs
You need to take up the right jobs to get some cash to start out. But, a new player on New York streets needs to be one tough cookie. You need to find jobs that are scarce and need weapons to be bought from the inventory section. So, how do you get cash to buy the weapons and complete a job? Well, first you can start fights that help in building your bank balance and experience. This will help in leveling you and remember you need a mob family of 10 or more members. This increases your chances of winning and now you will have to spend on hospital bills to regain your health. You need to keep mugging or follow the job increaser method. This will help you buy a crow bar, then carry out a corner store hold up. This will help you collect enough cash to buy a .45 caliber pistol. Keep taking up jobs and building your bank balance along with experience to level up.
Mafia Wars Cheats Codes-Hack
Leveling and Profile Points
Whenever any of your Mafia wars character attributes is leveled, you need to refill fully and gain 5 profile points. This helps in strengthening your Mafia wars character stats and you will be able to add 6 different attributes. These attributes are Attack, Defense, Health, Stamina, Influence, Energy. You should spend all the 5 points initially to be able to perform more jobs. This will help in gaining experience as well as money faster.

As you move levels, there are more jobs available and each job has a blue leveling bar. When the blue bar is full, you have completed your level and will be awarded a profile point. These points should be spent on strengthening your attack or defense attributes. This will be very helpful during fights and when you are begin attacked. Each job will earn you not only profile points, but give you experience, weapons, items and cash.

Free Daily Chance
You get to win a free daily chance ticket everyday on mafia wars. This helps you choose 6 numbers and enter a lottery. You have the chance to win free Godfather points and loot items when the lottery is drawn every 7 days. You can also opt for a Daily Chance progress bar, that gives you an opportunity to earn a free prize. It has six levels and if you do not claim a prize every day, you can fill a Daily Chance ticket. The bar goes up by one and you have the opportunity to win better free prizes.

The mafia wars tip for this strategy is that you should not claim a free prize till the bar level is at 6 or is completely full. Once this happens, you need to click the claim item button and get up to 5 godfather points free and get a chance to win many different useful prizes.

Bank Your Money
Once you earn lots of money, never keep it with yourself. You need to keep your money in the security of a bank. Or else other mob families will keep challenging you and you could end up losing your money. Thus, play safe.
Mafia Wars Cheats Codes-Hack
These were some mafia wars codes, although not exactly mafia wars cheats codes. You will find the Internet is loaded with mafia wars cheats codes, but most of them do not work after a day or so. This is because Zynga keeps filling up the loop holes. Just keep trying new strategies to gather maximum family members, wealth and experience. Mafia wars is all about having fun, so go ahead, and plan your own strategies and game cheats to move ahead. I end with the last mafia war tip, follow what Don Corleone says in Godfather, 'Never let anyone outside the family know what you're thinking.'

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Halo 3 Cheats for Xbox 360
If you are an avid fan of playing Halo 3 on your Xbox 360 console, then it may help you to learn about the Xbox 360 cheats for Halo 3. These game cheats will most certainly give you an unfair advantage, and for this reason you must try not to use them very often. Like all other video games, Halo 3 also has some cheat codes that help one to do things that they normally can't, but this is not the way the game was designed to be played.

Almost every single video game title has a set of cheat codes that can be activated, and all the game developers do this on purpose. If there is a certain part of the game that you are unable to clear, these Xbox 360 cheats for Halo 3 will help you overcome the situation. Some cheat codes are simply made for the gamer to perform some seemingly useless tasks during the game as well.

Halo 3 Cheats for Xbox 360

Halo 3 continues from the highly successful Halo series and was released in September 2007 across many countries. It is a First Person Shooter game (FPS) developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 by Bungie, and is one of the best Xbox 360 games around. The story arc is about an interstellar war being fought in the 26th century between an alien race (known as the Covenant) and the United Nations Space Command allied with another alien race known as the Elites. You will play as the Master Chief, a cybernetically enhanced supersoldier.

Here are some of the most popularly used Microsoft Xbox 360 cheats for Halo 3.
  • Left analog stick + LB + RB + A + Down - By keeping this combination pressed for 3 seconds your weapon will get lowered and not be visible on the screen. You will see the weapon again when you shoot.
  • Left analog stick + LB + RB + A + Up - Keep this pressed to go into camera mode and to change the coordinates of the camera as you please.
  • Left analog stick + Right analog stick [Press left on D-Pad] - By keeping this pressed for 3 seconds you will be able to toggle the pan-cam in any way that you please.
Unfortunately, these are the only cheats that you can make use of in Halo 3. All the other codes and guides of Halo 3 that you find on the Internet are merely tips for various stages in the game, and these can be used in order to get a special weapon or other equipment.

There are many unlockable achievements within the game though, that can be opened by you by performing some certain tasks. Note that almost all these achievements can only be unlocked if you play Halo 3 online.

If you are still wondering about Xbox 360 cheats for Halo 3 then you will be left disappointed as there are no more than the 3 cheats mentioned here. These combinations do not even qualify as cheat codes themselves. In all fairness, they are simply tools that can be used while one is playing the game.

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Cheap Xbox 360 Console
There are plenty of cheap Xbox 360 consoles that you can locate and purchase over the Internet today. The prices for these consoles will be very competitive, and you can get yourself a great bargain if you search the Internet well enough. The reason for this is that the newest version of the Microsoft Xbox 360 was released in June 2010 at the annually held E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) convention, and many people are getting rid of their older models in order to own this one.

Microsoft has stopped the production of all older models of the console, so you can purchase these from the Internet, a friend of yours or from a store that sells used consumer electronics. Needless to say, these will be second-hand and used consoles so you will need to be wary about the source from where you will be getting the device. The deals that you could get are absolutely amazing, and you could even get some great consoles for as low as $50.

Buy Cheap Xbox 360 Console

One of the best places to get good deals on these consoles is the online auction website, eBay. You will find some great deals here, and all your requirements will be met. The only downside is that you will have to settle for an older Xbox 360 model, but this is a compromise that you can surely make. The current Xbox 360 model that is available in the market is known as the Xbox 360 S, and this has a slimmer design than the older models, a 250 GB hard drive and integrated wi-fi capability as well.

This model has 5 USB ports and a special port for the Microsoft Kinect system as well. All these features obviously come at a cost, and this device will cost you $299. Some people may be unwilling to pay this high an amount for some features that may be deemed unnecessary. The simple fact that this is the only new model available in the market today, makes the need for the cheapest Xbox 360 consoles all the more profound.

There are older consoles that you will be able to find on the Internet. The hard drive space is an important factor for such video game consoles, and you can find a model that suits your requirements. The maximum space that you can get is 250 GB, and the lowest is 20 GB. The price will obviously differ between these two specifications.

Other Considerations

As mentioned above, when you buy a cheap Xbox 360 console, you will have to be wary about the piece that you are buying, and the source from where you are buying it. The problem with the Xbox 360 is that it has a lot of defects and problems that arise from time to time. These problems will occur even more in a console that has already been used. You need to ensure that you are not buying a defective piece. For this reason, you need to physically examine the console yourself.

In order to achieve this, you must buy your refurbished Xbox 360 console from a source in your town, or somewhere close by. If you find a great deal that is many states away, and will thus have to be packaged to you, it is best to stay away. Do not complete the payment until you have checked the console that you are purchasing. There are many people who will try to get rid of their faulty Xbox 360 console by offering you a seemingly great price for it, and they may even try bundling some Xbox 360 games with it.

Cheap Xbox 360 consoles sound like a great buy indeed, but you need to be very careful. If you have done your research properly, and are careful enough, then you can get a great bargain for this amazing video game console.

GTA San Andreas Cheat Code
During the course of playing the game, you may sometimes be tempted to use GTA San Andreas PS2 cheats to gain an advantage, or to get out of a sticky situation. In effect, this is blatant cheating, but just the fact that these game cheats have been created means that the creators of the game are willing to accept that there will be some stages in the game that will be impossible to complete without them.

If you are playing the game on your Sony PlayStation 2 console, then you will require these GTA San Andreas PS2 cheats at some point or the other. You must refrain from using them too often, but sometimes it is just unavoidable. The problem with cheat codes for video games is that once we know them, we tend to use them far too liberally. This can ruin the purpose and the experience of the game completely.

What is GTA San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA: SA) is an action-adventure game that has been developed in a sandbox-style by Rockstar North developers. It is one of the most easily recognizable and most widely purchased games in the world. You play the role of Carl Johnson (CJ) who returns to his hometown that is ravaged by gangs and criminals, and sets out on a set of missions and tasks in order to complete a personal vendetta. The gameplay of the game is very enjoyable, and you are required to carry out a plethora of illegal tasks in order to improve your reputation and standing.

Out of all the game titles available for the PS2, GTA San Andreas is game that has sold the most copies throughout the world. Moreover, the GTA series has become synonymous with violent video games, and has become a huge money making franchise in itself.

GTA San Andreas PS2 Cheats

Here are some of the most well known cheat codes for GTA San Andreas on the PS2. The controller of the PS2 has the 4 direction buttons (up, down, left, right), 4 control buttons on the right side (cross, circle, triangle, square), 2 buttons on the top left corner (L1 and L2), and 2 buttons on the top right corner (R1 and R2).

Effect Cheat Code
Full health, armor, $250,000 R1 R2 L1 X Left Down Right Up Left Down Right Up
Aggressive drivers Right R2 Up Up R2 Circle Square R2 L1 Right Down L1
Aggressive traffic R2 Circle R1 L2 Left R1 L1 R2 L2
All pedestrians are Elvis L1 Circle Triangle L1 L1 Square L2 Up Down Left
All taxis get Nitro Up X Triangle X Triangle X Square R2 Right
All traffic lights stay green Right R1 Up L2 L2 Left R1 L1 R1 R1
All vehicles invisible Triangle L1 Triangle R2 Square L1 L1
Always midnight Square L1 R1 Right X Up L1 Left Left
Adrenaline mode X X Square R1 L1 X Down Left X
Cars float away when hit Square R2 Down Down Left Down Left Left L2 X
Cars fly Square Down L2 Up L1 Circle Up X Left
Cars on water Right R2 Circle R1 L2 Square R1 R2
Chaos mode L2 Right L1 Triangle Right Right R1 L1 Right L1 L1 L1
Commit Suicide Right L2 Down R1 Left Left R1 L1 L2 L1
Destroy cars R2 L2 R1 L1 L2 R2 Square Triangle Circle Triangle L2 L1
Spawn faster cars Right R1 Up L2 L2 Left R1 L1 R1 R1
Faster clock Circle Circle L1 Square L1 Square Square Square L1 Triangle Circle Triangle
Faster gameplay Triangle Up Right Down L2 L1 Square
Fog R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 X
Full weapon aiming while driving Up Up Square L2 Right X R1 Down R2 Circle
Gang members spawn faster Left Right Right Right Left X Down Up Square Right
Get a 6 star wanted level Circle Right Circle Right Left Square X Down
Improve suspension Square Square R2 Left Up Square R2 X X X
Infinite Ammo L1 R1 Square R1 Left R2 R1 Left Square Down L1 L1
Infinite Health Down X Right Left Right R1 Right Down Up Triangle
Infinite lung capacity Down Left L1 Down Down R2 Down L2 Down
Jetpack Left Right L1 L2 R1 R2 Up Down Left Right
Lower wanted level R1 R1 Circle R2 Up Down Up Down Up Down
Max fat Triangle Up Up Left Right Square Circle Down
Max muscle Triangle Up Up Left Right Square Circle Left
Max respect L1 R1 Triangle Down R2 X L1 Up L2 L2 L1 L1
Max sex appeal Circle Triangle Triangle Up Circle R1 L2 Up Triangle L1 L1 L1
Raise wanted level R1 R1 Circle R2 Right Left Right Left Right Left

These were some of the most basic and useful GTA San Andreas PS2 cheats. There are many more cheats and tips for PS2 just like this, but most of them are quite useless and are simply there just for the sake of it. You will have to press the combination for these cheats fairly fast though, for them to be effective.

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Xbox 360 Cheats for GTA 4 Part II
The sixth 3D game in the Grand Theft Auto series, the GTA 4 is attached with a sale of a whooping figure of 3.7 million units on the first day of its release. Plus, it was grossing more than $500 million in revenue the very first week. According to recent reports, till 9 June 2010, the game has been able to sold over 17 million copies. Now isn't that amazing or what? No wonder GTA 4 has hit a million of fans with its craze making it the all-time highest-rated game among Xbox 360 games and PlayStation 3 games. The game has been boosted with more fun-filled and exciting elements which keep the user busy. Lets take a little more sneak peek into the game before starting off with the GTA 4 cheats.

The game revolves around protagonist named Niko Bellic in a fictional city known as the Liberty City. This city is based on the modern day New York. The character is known to be a war veteran hailing from someplace in Eastern Europe. So, this guy makes his way to the United States in search of the American Dream. But in search of his destiny, he gets lured by the world of gangs, crime, and corruption. The game features an 'open-world' and this gives the player more control over the game play. Alright, that would be, I guess, enough for the introduction. Now, let us head on to what we are here for - the GTA 4 cheats.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheats for PC and PS3

Before I present you with the data on the GTA 4 cheats for PC and PS3 (codes are same for both), let me tell you that using some game cheats will have unforeseen effect on mission and achievements. To activate any of the GTA 4 cheats, just pull out Niko's phone during the game and dial the numbers which I am going to enlist in the following table. What effect do the GTA 4 cheats for PS3 and PC do will also be mentioned. Before you start off with jotting down the GTA 4 cheats, how about having a look at GTA San Andreas PS2 cheats and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City stories cheats?

Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheats - Names GTA 4 Cheats - Codes Negative Effects
Nikko wants to change whether 4685550100 No effect
Nikko wants to spawn Turismo 2275550168 No effect
Nikko wants to spawn Super GT 2275550168 No effect
Nikko wants to Sanchez 6255550150 No effect
Nikko wants to spawn NRG-900 6255550100 No effect
Nikko wants to spawn Jetmax 9385550100 No effect
Nikko wants to spawn FBI Buffalo 2275550100 No effect
Nikko wants to spawn Comet 2275550175 No effect
Nikko wants to spawn Cognoscenti 2275550142 No effect
Nikko wants to spawn Annihilator police helicopter 3595550100 Keeps Nikko from earning the "One Man Army" and "Walk Free" achievements
Nikko wants to add one star tom his wanted level 2675550150 No effect
Nikko wants to remove his wanted level 2675550100 Keeps Nikko from earning the "One Man Army" and "Walk Free" achievements
Nikko wants Knife, Molotovs, Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Micro SMG, Assault Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG 4865550150 Keeps Nikko from earning the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement
Nikko wants Baseball Bat, Grenades, Combat Pistol, Combat Shotgun, SMG, Carbine Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG 4865550100 Keeps Nikko from earning the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement
Nikko wants to full health, armor, and ammunition 4825550100 Keeps Nikko from earning the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement
Nikko wants full health and armor 3625550100 Keeps Nikko from earning the "Cleaned The Mean Streets", "Finish Him", "One Man Army", and "Walk Free" achievements
Nikko wants song information 9485550100 No effects

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Xbox 360 Cheats for GTA 4
GTA 4 is known to be among the highest-rated games among Xbox 360 games and PlayStation 3 games. Rockstar North has unleashed its magic again with this sixth 3D game in the Grand Theft Auto Series. In case you had not known, USD 500 million was the figure of the revenue, which came flowing in the very first week of the GTA 4 release in the market. Till 9 June 2010, it has been estimated that about 17 million copies of this game have been sold out. As you all might be knowing, the game follows the story of Niko Bellic. He is located in a fictional city known as the Liberty City; an analogous to the city New York. Somewhere in Eastern Europe is thought to be the native place of Niko. He is a war veteran and he makes up his mind to step in this city like any other aspirant in search of the American Dream. But as he takes up his journey, he is confronted by the world of crime, gangs and a hell lot of corruption. An open world environment to let the player have a free game plat is what is the selling point of games like the Grand Theft Auto 4. As for the Xbox 360 cheats for GTA 4, here they are...

Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheats

There are a few important things to be mentioned before I take you through the Xbox 360 cheats for GTA 4. What needs to be kept in mind is that, executing or activating the cheat codes during the game play might prevent the player from earning achievements in certain levels. It may also have unfavorable unforeseen effects on the mission. Now, to activate the Xbox 360 cheats for GTA 4, all you have to do is pull out Niko's phone and dial some numbers as the cheat codes. These cheat codes, their names and what effect they might have on the game play will all be listed in the below table. So once you start the game, keep a print of these GTA4 cheats handy and make things easy and work in your favor.

Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats for Xbox 360 Codes Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheats – Names Effects
3625550100 Get full health and armor for Niko "Cleaned The Mean Streets", "Finish Him", "One Man Army", and "Walk Free" achievements would be prevented
4825550100 Get full health, armor, and ammunition "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement would be prevented
9485550100 Get Niko song information Zero effects
4865550100 Get Niko stuffs such as Baseball Bat, Grenades, Combat Pistol, Combat Shotgun, SMG, Carbine Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG Again, "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement may be prevented from earning
3595550100 Help Niko to get a cool Annihilator police helicopter "One Man Army" and "Walk Free" achievements may be sabotaged
2675550150 If you wish then you may add one star to Nikos wanted level Zero effect
2675550100 You may change your mind and remove Niko's wanted level Effect on "One Man Army" and "Walk Free" achievements
4865550150 Use if you wish Niko to use Nikko wants Knife, Molotovs, Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Micro SMG, Assault Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement cannot be earned.
4685550100 Chane the weather if you don't like the present one Zero effect
2275550168 Want a Turismo Zero effect
2275550168 How about a Super Gt? No effect
6255550150 Take a Sanchez Zero effect
6255550100 This is for spawning a NRG-900 Nil
9385550100 Care to get a Jetmax? No effect
2275550100 This is for FBI Buffalo No effect
2275550175 For Comet No effect
2275550142 Enjoy using a Cognoscenti No effect

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Virtual reality is the next big thing. People want to be something they can never be in real life. There are just too many online games that take advantage of this fact. Some are paid but most are free. Also, instead of playing against a machine at home, playing against real people on the web seems much more exciting. There are games for every category imaginable. From casino games to racing games and mafia games, the list goes on. There are games that let you lead a complete virtual life, having virtual friends, buying virtual land, etc. Second life is one such game. You can be whatever you wish to be and look like whoever you want to look like. And people wonder why these games are so addictive. Anyway, the point is that there are tones of online games available and I have collected the best ones for you. I have also categorized them based on which operating system they can be played on. So here they are – some cool online games for Mac and PC.

Online Games for Mac OS X
While most online games are made for a wide range of audience irrespective of what operating system they are using, there are some games that are meant for the Apple Computers only. Here is a list of online games for Mac users that you should definitely try out.
  • Delta Force: Black Hawk Down
  • America’s Army
  • World War II Online: Battleground Europe Universal Binary
  • F1 Championship Season
  • FlyBoys Squadron Universal Binary
  • Quake 4 Universal Binary
  • Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Online Universal Binary
  • Halo: Combat Evolved Universal Binary
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Intel
  • Imperial Glory Universal Binary
  • Warrior Kings
  • Doom 3 Universal Binary
  • MTX: Mototrax
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Medal of Honor: Spearhead
  • Myth III
  • Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
  • Europa Universalis: Rome Universal Binary
  • Cosmic Encounter Online
  • CleverMedia Shockwave Arcade
  • Games Arena on Earthlink
  • Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates
  • Tower Games
  • MacGameStore: Free Webgames
  • ESPN Arcade
  • Maximum Torque
  • Realm Defender
  • Planet Spogg
  • Homestar Runner
  • Disney’s Toontown Online
  • Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall
These were some cool online games for Mac. Some of them might be paid games but there are also many free online games for Mac. Now let's move to some games that you can play on a Windows computer.

Online Games for Windows
By games for Windows I mean games for computers that run on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Here too there are free and paid options. And most of these are also online games for Mac and PC both. There are some very good PC games that you will enjoy. Here is a small list of such PC games for you to check out.
  • Age of Conan
  • Diablo 2 World of Warcraft
  • Final Fantasy XIV Online
  • MapleStory
  • Vindictus
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Final Fantasy XI
  • Aion
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Murder Mystery Game
  • 1100 AD
  • 2029 Online
  • Soldier Front
  • Spine World
  • Splash Fighters
  • Star Sonata
  • 9 Dragons
  • Rose Online
  • RPG World
These were some online games for PC users. Also check out these free online games for kids.

Websites for Free Online Games
Now here are some websites where you can play free online games. Some of them might also be providing free downloads of some games as freeware. Whatever they have to offer, these websites are very useful for games lovers.
  • Acid-Play
  • AllGamesAtoZ
  • Caiman
  • Fullgames
  • GameHippo
  • Home of the Underdogs
  • Mega Games
  • Noodan
  • Planet Freeplay
  • Take Game
  • World of Freegames
  • Ytanium
  • Ultimate Arcade
  • InstantAction
  • OnLive
  • Yahoo Games
  • CleverMedia Shockwave Arcade
  • Games Arena on Earthlink
  • Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates
  • Tower Games
  • MacGameStore: Free Webgames
  • ESPN Arcade
  • Maximum Torque
  • Realm Defender
This is only a small list of the online games for Mac and PC. But be careful while surfing on suspicious looking websites that ask you for your private data for letting you play games.


Best Free Online Games for Macintosh Users
The field of Internet technology has witnessed continuous advances, all of which have changed the face of computer gaming. A few years ago, Mac users and particularly gamers used to feel a little left out, as there were very few computer games designed for a Macintosh system. However, the growing popularity of these Apple computers coupled with new-age technological innovations has resulted in the availability of a large number of free online games for Mac users. The latest Mac computers offer a major advantage in the fact that they are also compatible with other operating systems such as Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. Therefore, it is now possible for a Mac user to run all those Windows or Linux-based games and software applications which, until now, were limited to only their targeted operating systems. From a Mac user's perspective, this comes across as a significant development since it increases his computer's all-round usage value and in the process, bridges the gap between Macs and other personal desktop computers.

Users will be particularly delighted at the wide choice of free online games for Macintosh systems that have hit the market in recent years. Many of these Mac online games have become extremely popular and have developed a strong fan following among the masses. There is a large pool of Mac online games available which include:
  • puzzle and strategy games
  • card games
  • casino games
  • racing games
  • arcade games
  • sports-related games
  • action games
  • traditional board games
  • mystery 'n' adventure games.
The best thing about these downloadable online games is that they cater to a global audience that comprises of people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds. Here are some of the best free online games for Mac users:

Best Free Online Games for Macintosh Users
Adventure Games: Filled with drama, mystery and suspense, adventure games have a huge fan following all over the world. Crime scenes, murder trails, treasure hunts, eye-patched pirates... adventure games have it all! These are some of the most popular adventure games for Mac users:
  • Jewel Quest Mysteries
  • Island of Hope
  • Mysteryville
  • Hidden Relics
  • Mystery in London
  • Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare
  • The Nightshift Code
  • Supercow
  • Neptune's Secret
  • The Count of Monte Cristo
Puzzle and Strategy Games: These games are widely popular among all age groups simply because they are very innovative, totally engrossing and quite witty. Some of the most popular Mac puzzle games are:
  • Azada
  • Zuma
  • Luxor
  • Bejeweled
  • 4 Elements
  • Cradle of Rome
  • Phantasia
  • Pirate Poppers
Casino Games: Another hit with the older generation, online casino games come in a variety of types, thereby providing casino enthusiasts with plenty of options to choose from. Some of the very popular casino games are:
  • Online Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Online Bingo
  • Video Poker
  • Slots
  • Roulette
Traditional Board Games: All of us have grown up playing those legendary Ludo and Snakes & Ladders games. Online board games provide us the opportunity to relive those moments in a digital way. These are some of the most-played online board games:
  • Scrabble
  • The Game of Life
  • Monopoly
  • Battleship
  • Backgammon
All-time Classics: Solitaire, Pac Man, Tetris, Pinball... the grand-daddies of computer games, these all-time classics are loved by one and all, even today. Moving with the times, they have undergone slight modifications and today are available in different variants such as:
  • Ancient Spider Solitaire
  • Solitaire XL
  • Pac the Man X
  • Speed Chess
  • Tetris Planet
  • Mac Pinball
The Big Guns: Saving the best for last, here are some of the big guns of the online gaming industry which can get you addicted in no time at all:
  • Age of Empires
  • Quake
  • Unreal Tournament
  • Warcraft
  • Need for Speed
  • Harry Potter
  • Star Wars
  • Call of Duty
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tournament
Cartoon-loving children can enjoy animated online kids games in the form of Bob the Builder, Airport Mania, etc. Gaming enthusiasts can rub their hands in glee, for the number of free online games for Macs is increasing multifold with every passing day.


Restaurant City Tips and Tricks
The concept of the game is that you can build your own small restaurant which has 4 tables in the beginning. You are able to hire few employees in your restaurant as you start the game. As you keep advancing the levels, the size of your restaurant (floor area) and the number of employees will increase as well. You can design and decorate it, hire your friends as your employees, collect new ingredients, and menu items. If you enjoy spending time playing games online, why not give Restaurant City a try? And to help you jump levels and go ahead of your friends, we have a list of Restaurant City tips for you. Until you get a hang of the game and know what you're supposed to do, these Restaurant City tips will come in handy.

Restaurant City Tips and Tricks

For Restaurant City tips and hints for more cash, ingredients and gourmet points, you may go for the game cheats for this game. But I would really advice you not to use these cheats as Playfish's application doesn't tolerate any kind of game hacking. Plus, they can track these tricks and cheats in few days and if they do track you, there may be some serious consequences. However, you can definitely understand the game and play accordingly. Here are some tips for Restaurant City that may come in handy in order to create and run your restaurant efficiently.

Ingredients: There are 3 ways you can get ingredients for your restaurant. First is a daily freebie, where you automatically get them for as soon as you log into your account every day. Second is through daily quiz, where every day you will get a quiz question in your message inbox. When you have the correct answer, you get one free ingredient. And third is by visiting a friend's restaurant for the first time. All you have to do is click on it and you get the ingredient.

Gourmet Points: In order to gain gourmet points (GP) faster, all you have to do is keep your browser on. So leave the game on even when you're not playing it. Following this simple trick will help you gain extra GP which sadly can't be availed while staying offline.

Employees: One of the more important Restaurant City tips is to keep your employees happy. To do this, either you feed them or let them rest. Plus, keep the ratio of employees 5:3:0, which means, 4 cooks, 1 waiter, and no cleaner. Using narrow, winding way for the chairs will give the waiters time to clear the dishes before the customers arrive. Now, if you really need cleaners, redecorate your restaurant and store dirty toilets, then put them back clean.

Arcade Facility: When your customers are waiting for their table, an arcade can give them a chance to unwind. Customers that don't get a seat or didn't receive their food due to the restaurant being full, end up giving a "thumbs down". With the addition of an arcade, they play it and you avoid getting a "thumbs down".

More Restaurant City Tips

Besides being addicted to the game, there are other Restaurant City tips and tricks which you should keep in mind.
  • Shake the trees around the restaurant as they tend to drop coins at times.
  • Let's say you're going out somewhere for few hours. Bar the door by locking it with some type of stuff like chairs or mailbox.
  • Choose an island layout for your restaurant, because when you place the tables together, they form a circle. The waiters will stay inside that circle and work even faster.
  • Avoid using the toilets, as there is no penalty given if you do so. Plus, you will have to clean it from time to time. So why do all the hard work when you can just play and have fun.
  • Don't use the Restaurant City cheat engine. It doesn't really work, so avoid its use as someone may notice it and report about the same.
  • Keep your focus on 1 recipe per category in the menu. You will increase to gain level as you focus on purchasing and getting ingredients for 1 recipe.
Remember, with time and practice, you won't even need help of any Restaurant City tips. It's a fun game that can really help you unwind after a long day at work or school. Since you have the Restaurant City tips and tricks now, play the game wisely, and don't forget to have tons of fun.

Layouts for Restaurant City
General online games and the quintessential computer games like Pacman, Solitaire, Pinball are a thing of the past now. The age of hi-tech and 3 dimensional games on Facebook is the order of the day now. Mafia Wars, Farmville and so on, to name a few, have become really popular. Till some time back it was only Farmville and Mafia Wars and Ninja Saga were the ones ruling the roost. But now, there are many more games coming up, with their whole baggage of game cheats and tips and tricks. This time though, we are going to deal with Restaurant City, a game on Facebook which helps you get a virtual experience of running a restaurant. Automatically, the tricks of the trade would follow, for instance, the menu, the design, the layout and stuff. Coming your way, are a few ideas for Restaurant City layouts.

Layouts for Restaurant City

Lay Out 1
The most basic and common among the layouts for Restaurant City is the island layout. Although this is one of the most heard of plans for Restaurant City, it is really a good one and works well for the players. Island layout is a design plan which involves self contained grouping of tables and stoves primarily. In such a setup the waiters do not need to move a lot. Moreover, the characters in your game rotate in the right amount of space. The layout should be such that the chefs and waiters are almost next to the tables they are supposed to serve to.

Lay Out 2
Another very popular layout, with variations though, is something like a formation of players on the soccer pitch. Many Restaurant City players seem to have liked this formula. It is a 3 chef - 4 waiter layout. Now, this is the basic framework and you can play with it as you want. It is up to the discretion and game-intelligence of the player to decide how to use this arrangement. One option, which is very convenient, is to set the chairs and tables for customers around the chefs. It could be something like 3 tables for a single chef and a waiter. Or it could be four tables per chef. If this is not what you like, then you can have a long line of tables, and have the working areas of the chefs in front of the tables. Restaurant City cheat will have more about this, if you do a bit of research on the internet.

Lay Out 3
Another one amongst the Restaurant City layouts is the one which focuses on corners. To give you an illustration, consider the fact that your waiter can serve and move in all the direction. So, using corners in your layouts will give the waiter a wide range of reach. Similarly, counting how many steps do the waiters have to take at the most is important while making layouts.

Lay Out 4
Well, this Restaurant City layout, which might seem to be messy but from the point of view of waiters, might work well. Creating a maze will be a great idea if the waiters are experiencing a problem in clearing dishes, before the new customers come in. The maze would make customers take more time than usual for getting to the table, thus giving the waiters enough time to clear out the dishes.

These were a few Restaurant City layouts, here a bit more on the layouts that in the form of some Restaurant City tips.

Restaurant City Tips and Tricks
  • Emphasize on one recipe at a time.
  • When you are setting up waiting chairs, avoid setting up too many and too close to the door.
  • Set up only that number of tables which you can service. If you are not able to provide service on all tables, the reputation of your restaurant will go down.
  • Avoid keeping the chairs and tables away from the walls to give enough room for the customers to get in and sit comfortably.
  • When laying out the restaurant, do away with diagonals from the path of waiters, it slows them down.

Restaurant City Cheat for Earning More Cash
Restaurant City is a popular online game powered by Playfish, which comes as an application on Facebook. It is a game of real-time restaurant simulation. The game is all about setting up the best restaurant with help of the coins, cash and bringing in more Restaurant City friends and neighbors. In this game, you have to design your own restaurant building, to communicate with other restaurant owners (players), trade the key menu ingredients and earn as many gourmet points as you can. The whole process of earning points and moving up to the next level of this PC game actually takes a lot of time and patience, since it is a real time game. This fact often leads the players on the quest of Restaurant City cheat codes and tricks in order to get out of their frustration.

Restaurant City Cheat and Tricks

Playfish, the owners of Restaurant City game are smart enough to fill in the loop holes and drawbacks that can lead to game hacking and hence, finding Restaurant City cheat codes is not a cakewalk for sure! Anything 'fishy' that you try to do with their application, will be trapped within only a few days which may leave you with some serious consequences. Still, there are a few 'unethical' ways of finding the cheats for Restaurant City. However, why not just concentrate on the real game cheats that come without losing the competitiveness and excitement of the game and giving each one, a rightful opportunity to score and advance into the next level? Well, here are some easy and ethical Restaurant City Cheat tricks for you.

Restaurant City Cheat for Earning More Cash
Restaurant City cash is the most important factor of this game, which is needed for even the smallest of the game features like changing the appearance of the restaurant and staff and buying the ingredients. You also need the Restaurant City cash to maintain the health and proper rest period of your employees. It is a known fact, that you earn cash when a customer dines at your restaurant. But you can also earn it by some other easy ways, like collecting the coins by clicking on the trees surrounding your as well as your Facebook friend's restaurants. You can also save ample amount of cash by using the default low cost products. For instance, you need to refrain from buying the high cost stoves and other things which are useful for enhancing the aesthetic value of the restaurant, since they cost you big time. Another way of collecting money in Restaurant City is of collecting the trash surrounding your restaurant. You can also earn money by selling the items that you don't use while playing the game. Of course, you won't get the same price for which you purchased them, but it is worth a try. These are a few easy tricks that are worth trying than the Restaurant City cheat tricks.

Restaurant City Cheat for Earning More Ingredients
To bring in variety in your Restaurant menu, you need to have even more exciting ingredients. Well, there are a few ways that can bring you more ingredients. One of the best ways is to take various quizzes that you are asked for. A successful completion of these quizzes will earn you an ingredient for the restaurant. You can get clues for answers, by visiting the Restaurant City forum pages. If you are new to Restaurant City, then you will surely earn a special ingredient, every time you visit your friends' restaurant. Lastly, you can trade the ingredients with your Facebook friends who play Restaurant City, which is also called as "becoming temp friends", just for the sake of ingredient scouting. There are some forums that are solely dedicated to trace and trade the ingredients. You can track the item that you want from your friend, by visiting the inside of your friends' restaurant.

Restaurant City Cheat for Earning More Gourmet Points
To increase your restaurant business and visibility, you need to earn more gourmet points, that are also called as EXP or XP. Gourmet points is the easiest key for you to get to the next level of Restaurant City. You can do a few things in order to win easy gourmet points. You can increase the number of the dishes that are available at restaurant by default. When a diner orders that leveled up dish, you automatically earn gourmet points. You can also create a 'waiting area' for your customers, which avoids decrease in the rating of the restaurant that occurs when the customers leave the restaurant because it was full. This last Restaurant City cheat for increasing gourmet points can be used when you have to leave the PC for some unavoidable reasons. At such times, the customers keep complaining that the restaurant employees are not healthy. To avoid that, what you can do is to drag the restaurant door into the owner's items, before you leave the computer.

As some other strategic Restaurant City cheat tricks, you can build a maze-style restaurant layout that reduces the time which is required for the customers to arrive at the table. This gives the employees a bit of extra time for cleaning up the tables and serving the food. Building a island-style restaurant layout proves helpful as well, because it takes less time for the employees to attain each table. To save time, you can clean the toilets by simply dragging the toilets to the player's items and them dragging it back instantly. This saves both time and energy of your employees. Lastly, you can always download the game cheats like cheat engine 5.5 and RC Tools 5.0, which you can download for free. Installing these cheat codes for PC games, you can hack the Restaurant City.

But again, as I am stating it repeatedly, gaining unfair advantage not only spoils the competitiveness of the game but it also brings in some ethical issues with it. Using Restaurant City cheat engine and software for instance, can drag you in the line of fire of the Playfish and they can ban your Restaurant City account permanently. So, play it safe!

Important Restaurant City Cheat Codes
Those of you who are aware about the social networking site Facebook, do not need a special introduction with the Restaurant City, which is one of the most popular online gaming applications of Facebook. Restaurant City is powered by Playfish and it is a game of real time simulation of restaurant. In other words, you get to create and manage your very own virtual restaurant. You need to do all the things that are needed to be done for managing a real restaurant, like designing the restaurant building, bringing in the customers, communicating with the neighboring restaurant owners, decide the restaurant menu and selling the key ingredients. You get cash, coins and gourmet points to complete the task and advance through to the next level of the game. This is where the knowledge about the Restaurant City cheat codes comes in handy.

Important Restaurant City Cheat Codes

Restaurant City game hacking is an almost impossible thing and hence, you cannot use the various self proclaimed game cheat softwares for cheating the manufacture, Playfish. However, there are a few things that you can do to earn fast cash, coins and quickly cross the experience levels of the game. These tips and tricks are nothing but some calculated moves that you need to do, without disbarring the rules of Restaurant City. There are three basic things that can see you through the advanced levels of the game, which are - the cash, the menu ingredients and the gourmet points. Well, here are some handy tips to increase the three assets of this game.

Restaurant City Cheat Codes: # 1
Exciting restaurant ingredients will make an exciting menu card of your restaurant, hence, always concentrate on bringing in some interesting and exclusive menu ingredients in your restaurant. For that, you can trade the unwanted ingredients with your fellow Restaurant City players by becoming their "temp friends". It means you become friends with some Restaurant City players just for the sake of trading the menu ingredients. You can also find several forum on Facebook that are dedicated to this trading of the menu ingredients. Answering several quizzes of various forums is also an easy thing that you can do to earn the ingredients. However, for all the correct answers you can get an exclusive Restaurant City ingredient.

Restaurant City Cheat Codes: # 2
Well, as we know, cash is the most important aspect of this game. You need the cash for all the routine activities of this game like maintaining the health of the employees and the appearance of your restaurant. You also need the cash to buy the menu ingredients. So, in order to gain more cash, you need to attract more customers towards your restaurant. Avoiding excessive decoration and spending money on the special items are the two things that you can do to save your Restaurant City cash. You should rather stick to the default appearance and low cost products. You can also get the cash by doing some simple things in the spare time, like clicking on all the trees surrounding your and your friend's restaurants.

Restaurant City Cheat Codes: # 4
The more the gourmet points, the better is the visibility and business of your restaurant. Hence, you need to earn as many as extra gourmet points, as you can. Gourmet points is also the key to cross the game levels. Several Restaurant City tips include, increasing the number of default dishes so, the moment a customer orders for that dish, you will automatically earn gourmet points. Restaurant design also plays a vital role here. You need to design some extra waiting area for your restaurant, so that the extra customers can wait when the restaurant is full. Dragging the restaurant door into the owner's items is also an easy thing to do to earn cash, even when you need to leave the PC for some time.

Restaurant City Cheat Codes: # 5
Some other tricks that can be considered as the cheat codes for restaurant city are - developing a maze style restaurant layout or the island-style restaurant layout. Such designs reduces the time that your employee needs to serve and clean each table. You can also earn some extra coins by selling the unwanted or unused items of your restaurant and collecting the trash which surrounds your restaurant. Well, these tasks will not earn you a fortune, but they are worth a try for gaining some petty cash. Most of the times, it happens that the employee wastes too much time to clean the restaurant toilets. To avoid this time lag, what you can do is to clean the toilets by yourself. For that, drag the toilet into the player's items and replace it to its original place.

Well, these were some legal and easy Restaurant City cheat codes. You must have heard about the RC Tools 5.0, cheat engine 5.5 and several such game cheat softwares. But unfortunately, all these softwares are found illegal by the manufacture of Restaurant City and you can get a banned Restaurant city account forever, if your are found guilty.

Farmville Cash for Free on Facebook
Farmville is an addictive PC game which is developed by Zynga. It comes as an application of one of the popular social networking sites, Facebook. It is an interesting game in which you get an opportunity to have your own virtual farm, with the method of real time farm stimulation. Once you start playing Farmville, you get to do all the farming chores that a real farmer does, including, planting, fertilizing, harvesting and selling crops, harvesting numerous types of trees and raising a large livestock and poultry birds. You can also help your neighboring farmers and get attractive rewards! No wonder, Farmville is one of the most followed online games as well as Facebook applications! Those of you who play Farmville must be aware of the virtual market of Farmville that requires Farmville cash to purchase any goods needed for farms. This is the farm cash that you earn by harvesting various crops and helping your neighboring farmers (your Facebook friends). Those of you who are interested in earning some 'extra' income, must be wondering about how to get Farmville cash for free! Am I right?

How to get Farmville Cash for Free on Facebook

It is an open Farmville secret, that Farmville cash is available in two forms as farm cash and farm coins. Wherein, you earn coins as you sell your crops, trees, graze livestock and help neighboring farmers, while farm cash is earned at the rate of a dollar that you get after crossing one level. Going by the same rate, a person might have to wait forever to get some exclusive Farmville items that are earned only with Farmville cash. While farm coins can be used for purchasing various crops, trees, animals and such stuff, farm cash is required for the purchase of decorative items, exclusive farm animals, farm expansion and upgrades and other architectural things on the farm. So, a person needs Farmville tips and tricks in order to find out answers to the questions like how do you get farm cash. Given below are not really Farmville cash cheats, but they are some easy Farmville tricks and tips that you can follow to earn free Farmville cash.

Just Play Regularly
Well, not to increase your Farmville obsession, but in order to cross the levels quickly, you need to play the game quite regularly. The best Farmville trick to learn how to get Farmville cash is to cross levels. You get one Farmville cash at each experience level and crossing more levels means increasing cash too! You also need to purchase the crops that offer highest XP and that are affordable for your farm budget! Try to purchase crops that can offer you more than 2 XP. Some high XP earning crops are available at higher levels though. However, you can keep trying to get there, by playing it smartly. You must ignore those yellow, pink, white and blue ribbons that pop on your screen while you play the game. Well, let me tell you that these ribbons earn you Farmville cash as well as coins, when you click on them and share them with your farm friends. Well, these two are the best Farmville cheats for cash, in my viewpoint!

Honor the Offers
Those of you who are ready to put anything at stake for that extra Farmville cash, to find answers to the questions like - how do you get Farmville cash; then there is no shortage of even more weird Farmville tricks and cheats. The simple most of them all is to spend the real money for the sake of virtual money! All that you need to do for that is to simply click on the "+Add Coins and Cash" link on the farm window and pay real money to the Farmville inventors, by your credit card. Some other free ways to get Farmville cash include accepting free offers that the site has to offer. You can fill some simple forms for various offers. In case you do not get cash, then all that you need to do is to send query to Farmville customer support. I am not too sure if it is a reliable way of earning more Farmville cash but it sure is a recommended one!

Engine to Cheat
In order to learn how to get Farmville cash for free, you can try some top rated tricks that are ,mentioned in many Farmville secret guides. One of the commonly mentioned Farmville cheats is to use Farmville cheat engine! This cheat engine has a cheat tool for generating Farmville cash. This tool increases the cash by more than 3 times and that too with your each login! In other words, you can login for as many times as you want and increase Farmville cash. However, this trick can work for only 23 hours after your first login. In order to increase it even more, you need to wait for the next raffle. This tool is compatible with most computer operating systems. However, similar to many cheat codes for PC games, Farmville cheat engine is not 'welcome' for the creators of the game and if they find you cheating with them, your Farmville account is in jeopardy to get nailed forever!

Well then, I am done here with my part of guiding you with some tips on how to get Farmville cash for free on Facebook! As a parting note, I would like to suggest that rather than spending real cash or using unlawful ways like Farmville cheat codes, you need to be honest with the game yourself, and play the game regularly, keeping the competitive spirit alive!

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Facebok Farmville Cheat Engine
Now that you are searching for the Farmville cheat engine, I don't think I need to explain you all the Facebook tricks and Farmville tips.

What is a Cheat Engine?
Before getting to know more about the Farmville cheat engine, it is important for us to know what is a cheat engine, in the first place. Well, cheat engine is a free source that gives you access to modify the game to a greater extent. This thing makes it easy for the game users to reduce or increase the difficulty level of that game. Along with it, a cheat engine includes numerous other debugging tools that are useful for debugging even the normal applications of the site. A cheat engine comes along with other tools like a memory scanner, speedhack, disassembler, assembler, direct 3D manipulation tool, trainer maker, system inspection tool and a debugger. With cheat engine, you can operate game cheats for various PC games.

Farmville Cheat Engine
In order to increase the rate of experience level, Farmville cheat engine is a popular search topic for many Farmville addicts. With Farmville cheat engine, you can modify all the other single player games and the flash games. Using a cheat engine is all about gaining an unfair advantage. The Farmville cheat engine searches for a particular value which is put in by the user and reveals the memory database from which the user can easily sift through. Functioning of a cheat engine is actually unethical, since it gives you access to walls and photos of other Facebook users, which in a way is illegal. However, there are a few easy and authentic game cheats that you can try to play and speed up the rate of crossing the Farmville levels. The Farmville secret guides which are available online can also come to your rescue if you are that determined to cheat this online PC game.

Farmville Cheat Engine Codes
Well, let me tell you that there is no such thing as Farmville cheat engine codes. Still, you can try some logical and ethical 'cheat codes' in order to speed up the rate of crop growth and your regular farm activities. As you know, your Farmville/Facebook avatar can move through the farm, in order to complete the tasks which are intended by you. This fact takes a considerable amount of time for you to move from one plot to the other and hence, slowing down the speed of plantation as well as seed growth. The best Farmville cheat that you can do is to lock this avatar, in order to quicken the proceedings. For that, you need to determine the location where you want to lock yourself (avatar). Once you do that, put the Farmville hay bales around it. Well, you can put some other options like fences and other objects but since the hay bales come in more cheaper I have suggested them as the barricades.

Next thing is to determine the kind of crops that can grow simultaneously. Always opt for two crops of equally higher XP. For instance, sunflower and cabbage. Also, you need to determine the amount of time that you will be away from the PC and then select crops that take similar harvest time. For instance, if you are going to bed then you can select a crop that grows within 6 to 8 hours, so the next morning when you log in, the crop is ready for you to harvest. But, if you won't be able to log in for 2 to 3 days consecutively, then select a crop that takes the same amount of time to get ready! These tricks are also easy for you if you are searching for Farmville cash cheat.

Farmville cheat engine is a popularly downloaded software by the Farmville users, but it is received with dubiousness. Some of them also complain that this software doesn't work and leaves you with an 'Out on Sync' error, that ultimately crashes down the game. However the reviews and reactions are, it is important to remember that using cheat engine is frowned upon by the Farmville manufacturer - Zynga and hence, you are in for a banned Farmville account for violating their terms of services.

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Farmville is one of the buzzing sensations on Facebook, which is one of the most popular social networking sites. It is available as a free application of Facebook. Farmville is a real time farm simulation game which is developed by Zynga. This game gives you an opportunity to raise and manage your own virtual farm and livestock. In other words, you get the opportunity to imitate all the farm activities of a real farmer in this PC game. The game plan of Farmville whirls around a virtual market, which is full of various seeds, trees, vehicles, buildings, animals and numerous decorative items that you need to purchase with Farmville cash and coins. The trick is that you need to earn the cash and coins first, in order to purchase these items and move forward in the game. This very fact is found tricky by the Farmville lovers and hence they hunt for the Farmville cheats for cash and coins. Well, here are some Farmville tips for you to get more help.

Real Farmville Cheats for Money

The Farmville money is a generic term for farm cash and farm coins. Farmville money is very important for you to stay in the game. You cannot advance in the game until you grow the crops and raise the livestock, since this act gains you the Farmville XP - Farmville experience which is required for you to cross the game levels. However, it is a fact that most of the farm goods like crops, trees and vehicles can be purchased by farm coins, but you do need the farm cash to purchase specific decorative items, special items, pricey crops and to upgrade or expand your farm. Since, this is a real time game, you do need to devote a certain amount of time in order for the crops to grow and the animals to be reared. It is the same reason why people keep on searching for the Farmville secrets guide and Farmville tricks. Let me tell you that there is no such thing as Farmville hacks, but you need to do some calculated moves so that you can earn some extra bucks.

Farmville Cheats for Cash and Coins: #1
Farmville cash is hard to come by and hence you need to grab every opportunity that comes your way to earn the cash. The Farmville secret is that you get one farm cash for each experience level that you cross. So, earning more cash by crossing as many game levels as you can, is the basic thing that you can do. Gaining more XP will take you through to the next level. So, first of all you need to concentrate on increasing the XP, by purchasing seeds that can gain you more XP. There are a few crops, that earn you 3 XP or 4 XP, while most of the other crops gain you 2 XP. Second Farmville trick is that, you can also earn more XP and farm cash with sharing the various ribbons. These are bonus ribbons that gain you XP and cash, only when they are shared. You can gain up to 10,000 XP by these ribbons. These ribbons also increase your master levels and facilitate you to purchase several 'locked' items. Hence, do not ignore any Farmville ribbon that appears on your screen, while you play Farmville. Well, I think these are the best Farmville cheat codes.

Farmville Cheats for Cash and Coins: #2
One thing that you can do to learn the Farmville cheats for farm cash is the way to buy it. Yes, you heard me right. You can get farm cash, by spending the real cash. For that, you need to pay online, with credit card to the Zynga. To do that, go to the "+Add Coins and Cash" link that appears on the extreme left-top of the farm. There are also a few easy Farmville cheats that work, like getting as many farm neighbors as you can. The more the neighbors, the more is the opportunity for you to earn farm gifts that you can sell to gain cash and coins. You also need the neighbors to upgrade your farm. Hence, ask your friends to become your farm neighbors, even if they don't play the game. Speeding up the farm activities also gives you an opportunity to earn quick farm cash. For that, you need to lock your farm avatar, by selecting a corner of the farm. You can arrange some haybales around him, so that he cannot move anywhere and you can carry your farm work faster than usual.

Farmville Cheats for Cash and Coins: #3
One of the best Farmville cash cheats is that, you can gain more farm cash and XP by growing different crops that earn higher XP, simultaneously. Rather than planting all farm plots with the same crop, think of planting two different crops. For instance, corn and sunflower or cabbage and sunflower. You can also plant various berries that can be harvested within 2 to 4 hours. It is a quick way to earn the farm cash. Several crops like asparagus, grapes, ghost chillies, lavender, patty pan squash and tomatoes etc. also help you to gain more cash. You can also earn petty cash by helping your farm neighbors and fertilizing their crops. You can also earn XP by performing these tasks. Remember to keep on checking for the ribbons, gifts, animals, chicken eggs, lost animals, etc. that are found by your friends. These notifications keep on appearing on your Facebook homepage. All that you need to do, is to click on them. You also need to except the free gifts that your friends send you, that gather in your Farmville gift box.

Well, you might have heard about the Farmville cheat engine which is a software to quickly move forward in the game. But understands that such game cheat softwares are actually considered illegal by the manufacturers of Farmville and they can lock your account permanently if found guilty. Hence, you better stick to these above mentioned Farmville cheats for cash. They not only help you to advance into the next levels of the game but also keep the competitiveness alive.

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